Update 30/3/2020

Bringing a Business Improvement District to Slough

Update 30/3/2020

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, invoices for the Slough BID levy are now not being issued at the start of April 2020.

1 st April remains the operational start date for the BID, however businesses being required to pay the BID levy will not be issued with their invoices until later in the year.

The current crisis has become an unfortunate interruption to all of our everyday lives, threatening our businesses, our town centre, and much more besides. Supporting, defending and representing you, the businesses of the town, is precisely why the BID was set up in the first place and the directors and employees of the BID will continue to do just that until such time as we are all able to resume our everyday lives.

When you do eventually receive your BID levy invoice, please consider it as a further investment into the future of your business and our town. The issues that the BID was set up to tackle haven’t changed – perhaps have become exacerbated – and by working together under the umbrella of the BID, we are giving ourselves the best possible chance of coming through this successfully.

The Slough Borough Council website has details of all of the support available to businesses at this difficult time, simply click here to view that.
We understand that you may have questions or concerns. If so, please contact us at: info@sloughbid.co.uk

Together, we can make Slough town centre a vibrant place to visit and the BID can only do that with your support.

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