• Creating a clean, safe and welcome environment to encourage customers to Slough Town Centre
  • The BID will support additional Street Cleaning as an addition to Council provision
  • BID to seek to leverage additional funding from Slough Borough Council through cost sharing partnerships where appropriate
  • The BID will act as a facilitator for businesses, ensuring that the authorities responsible for dealing with specific services, such as waste removal, have the knowledge they need to honour those responsibilities
  • The BID will financially support and lobby for physical changes in the town centre that encourage increased customer dwell times, particularly in the winter months, such as increased street lighting.
  • The BID will carry out an audit of signage in Slough Town Centre and work with Slough Borough Council and others to enhance signs approaching Slough and in the Town Centre.

Environment Budget: £92,000 per year


  • Creating a clean and pleasant environment by reporting on fly tipping issues and lobbying for SBC Street cleaning
  • Additional planting and maintaining area green space in the town centre to encourage increased customer dwell time
  • Working with local schools for a Wheel Barrow Garden coemption for the Town Centre giving a flower showcase in summer 2023
  • Focused meetings with Slough Borough Council on issues like bird feeding, littering and fly tipping