This system is an app-based information system, known as DISC, designed for users to report crime and anti-social behaviour in the Slough BID area. It has been made available to all BID members free of charge. The Police, Slough Bid Wardens, Queensmere and Observatory Centre Management team are key Members.

The System Allows Members To:

  1. Securely and safely share information directly, quickly and conveniently;
  2. Enforce and manage Banning Orders;
  3. Enable Members to identify and deter offenders;
  4. Analyse patterns of loss;
  5. Share security and safety news.

Key Features:

1. Offender Management

  • Helps manage local offenders and ID -sought images; links incidents to offenders and multiple offenders
  • Generates analysis of offender and incident data.

2. Incident Management

  • Enables incident reports to be submitted from app or website and quickly processes received incident reports.

3. Exclusion Management

  • Supports Banning Schemes and manages expiry dates.

4. Data Protection

  • The system is fully compliant with the DPA Act 2018 and GDPR 2018.
  • It has a built-in data processing agreement linked to key must read documents to protect members and ensure awareness of data protection responsibilities:

Rules & Protocols


Privacy Notice – Members


Privacy Notice – Offenders


Privacy Statement


5. Engagement Tools

  • Generates automated e newsletters and alerts.