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Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre Planets Installation

As a salute to the work of William and Caroline Herschel, German-born British astronomers of Slough who: discovered Uranus and its two moons, Titania and Oberon, studied the nature of nebulae, discovered two moons of Saturn, Mimas and Enceladus, and coined the term “asteroid”.

Slough BID were keen to create an entire solar system which would include the sun, the eight planets and even give a humorous nod to Pluto represented as a bit of an outsider within the Queensmere and Observatory Shopping Centre.

Glow Inflatables were commissioned by Slough BID to bring the concept of ‘The Observatory’ to fruition in Slough Town Centre.  The ultimate result is a cosmic display of our detailed and unique planets suspended above us.   The planets fully come to life when illuminated in the evening.  All the planets are supported by an information fact sheet for children, teens and families to read and learn about our wonderful solar system.

Slough Skyline